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Michigan 2016: Fall

Inside Prep Sports/By TJ Kelley


Heralded as the one of the top classes coming out of Michigan in the last ten years and led by the number one player in the Nation's 2016 class, Josh Jackson, this class provides size, depth at each position, skill, and an abundant amount of shooters.  

1. 6'6" 2016 shooting guard Josh Jackson (Detroit Consortium/1 Nation 17u)

2. 6'6" 2016 small forward Miles Bridges (Huntington Prep, WV./The Family 17u)

3. 6' 2016 point guard Cassius Winston (University of Detroit-Jesuit, MI./The Family 16u) 

4. 6'9" 2016 center Austin Davis (Onsted, MI./Michigan Mustangs 16u)

5. 6'6" 2016 power forward/center Algevon Eichelberger, jr. (Saginaw, MI./The Family 16u)

6. 6'7" 2016 power forward Kelvon Fuller (Oak Park, MI./The Family 16u)

7. 6'3" 2016 point guard Trishton Jackson (West Bloomfield, MI./REACH Legends 16u) 

8. 6'3" 2016 shooting guard Corey Allen (Ypsilanti, MI./The Family 16u)

9. 6'4" 2016 shooting guard Karmari Newman (Detroit E. English Village, MI./Detroit Select 16u) 

10. 5'10" 2016 point guard James Towns II (Detroit Henry Ford, MI./One Nation 16u)

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