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Inside Prep Sports' Top 75: 2014

Inside Prep Sports/By TJ Kelley


Halfway through the season and with less than two months remain in the class of 2014's high school careers there have been plenty of players who have moved up or down since they were freshmen.  The dedication to constantly improve on and off the court have to many scholarship opportunities.  The decision to go with Edmond Sumner at the top of the latest IPS' Rankings have to do with his production, skill, winning, and potential on the next level.  As is the case with Sumner, Justin Tillman has solidified himself with his play and the state's #2 player is going to the right place with VCU's "havoc defense."  At #3 is Jaylen Johnson who lept to the top spot after a fantastic spring and summer, but has had his ups and downs for Ypsilanti this season.  Yante Maten has had as strong a season as anyone and his recruiting is a reflection of his production so he's moves up to the #4 spot.   Detroit-Mercy commit Aaron Foster-Smith has improved each year as have his numbers and he moves up a couple spots to #5.  The list from 1 to 75 is below:

1. 6'5" combo guard Edmond Sumner (Detroit Country Day/The Family 17u) Xavier


2. 6'7" 2014 power forward Justin Tillman (Detroit Pershing, MI./REACH Legends 17u) VCU

3. 6'9" 2014 forward Jaylen Johnson (Ypsilanti, MI./Dorian's Pride 17u) Louisville

4. 6'8" 2014 power forward Yante Maten (Bloomfield Hills, MI./Team Detroit 17u) Georgia

5. 6'7" 2014 forward Aaron Foster-Smith (Taylor Truman, MI./MI. Warriors 17u) Detroit-Mercy

6. 6'5" 2014 point guard Darrell Davis (Detroit Douglass, MI./MI. Hurricanes 17u) Dayton

7. 6'3" 2014 shooting guard Kris Clyburn (Romulus, MI./MI. Warriors 17u)

8. 6' 2014 point guard Deshaun Thrower (Muskegon, MI./ACB Hoops 17u) Stony Brook

9. 6'4" 2014 shooting guard Marq'ywell Jackson (Detroit E. English Village, MI./Detroit Stars 17u) UTEP

10. 6'9" 2014 forward Luke Meyer (Addison, MI./Dorian's Pride 17u) Central Michigan

11. 6'2" 2014 shooting guard Mory Diane, jr. (Detroit Pershing, MI./REACH Legends 17u) Buffalo

12. 6'6" 2014 center Jaleel Hogan (Mt. Pleasant, MI./Hoop Grind 17u) Detroit-Mercy

13. 6'4" 2014 wing Mike Laster (Detroit Cass Tech, MI./REACH Legends 17u) Ohio

14. 6'2" 2014 shooting guard Ja'Christian Biles (Oak Park, MI./Dorian's Pride 17u) Youngstown St.

15. 6'9" 2014 center Darohn Scott (Grand Rapids Christian, MI./The Family 17u) Central Michigan

16. 6'5" 2014 forward Darryl Bigham (Detroit Southeastern, MI./MI. Hurricanes 17u) Mott CC

17. 6'6" 2014 forward Leonard Harper-Baker (Detroit Southeastern, MI./MI. Hurricanes 17u) 

18. 6'5" 2014 combo guard Kenny Carpenter (Detroit Cass Tech, MI./NA)  Cleveland State

19. 6'6" 2014 small forward Tyrone Acuff, jr. (Detroit King, MI./Detroit Stars 17u) Barton CC

20. 6'3" 2014 point guard Terrell Hales (Detroit Douglass, MI./MI. Hurricanes 17u) Cleveland St.

21. 6'9" 2014 small forward Jordan Nobles (Canton, MI./Michigan Warriors 17u) EMU

22. 6' 2014 point guard Justice Green (Flint Carman-Ainsworth, MI./MI. Mustangs 17u) Mott CC

23. 6'7" 2014 forward Dequandre Dentmond (Lansing Eastern, MI./MI. Mustangs 17u) Vincennes CC

24. 6'7" 2014 wing Wes Webbert (Saugatuck, MI./W. MI. Lakers 17u) Davenport (MI.)

25. 6'7" 2014 power forward Kenny Goins (Warren Mott, MI./REACH Legends 17u) Michigan State-preferred walk-on

26. 6'5" 2014 forward Kyle Steigenga (Holland Christian, MI./W. MI. Lakers 17u) Cornerstone

27. 6'6" 2014 power forward Dorian Armstrong (Mt. Clemens, MI./MI. Hurricanes 17u) Siena Heights

28. 6'8" 2014 center Drake Baar (Comstock Park, MI./Grand Rapids Storm 17u) Grand Valley State

29. 5'10" 2014 point guard Evan Kraatz (Allen Park Inter City Baptist, MI./REACH Legends 17u) Cedarville

30. 6'2" 2014 combo guard Alek Frascone (Utica Eisenhower, MI./MI. Hurricanes 17u) Oakland U- preferred walk-on

31. 6'4" 2014 wing Noah King (University of Detroit-Jesuit, MI./REACH Legends 17u) Ferris St.

32. 6'5" 2014 small forward Rashaud Orange (Grand Rapids Union, MI./MI. Mustangs 17u) Grand Valley State

33. 6'5" 2014 forward Charles Key (Detroit Cass Tech, MI./REACH Legends 17u) Wayne St.

34. 7' 2014 center Khadim Dieng (Grand Rapids Northpointe Christian, MI./Grand Rapids Storm 17u) Western Michigan

35. 6'2" 2014 combo guard Pakiya Ellis (Detroit Allen Academy, MI./Detroit Spartans 17u) Ferris State

36. 6'9" 2014 center Danny Dixon (Grosse Pointe South, MI./NA)

37. 6'2" 2014 shooting guard Cameron Morse (Flint Carman-Ainsworth, MI./Saginaw UnderDawgs 17u) Northwood U. (MI.)

38. 6'5" 2014 forward Khalil Gracey (Bloomfield Hills, MI./MI. Mustangs 17u) Barton CC

39. 6'8" 2014 center Michael Nicholson (Clarkston, MI./OAA Select 17u) Lake Superior State

40. 6' 2014 point guard Janeau Joubert (Ypsilanti, MI./Dorian's Pride 17u)

41. 6'7" 2014 power forward Demarco White (Southfield Christian, MI./NA.) Barton CC

42. 6'8" 2014 power forward James Pruitt (Westland John Glenn, MI./MI. Warriors 17u) Schoolcraft CC

43. 6'7" 2014 power forward/center Anthony Wartley-Fritz (Taylor Truman, MI./MI. Warriors 17u) Schoolcraft CC

44. 5'10" 2014 point guard Avon White (Farmington, MI./NA)

45. 6'5" 2014 wing Brad Schaub (Marlette, MI./HoopGrind 17u) Massachusetts-Lowell

46. 5'10" 2014 point guard Terrance Byrd (Detroit Mumford, MI./MI. Hurricanes 17u)

47. 5'9" 2014 point guard Darsean Woodson (Detroit Pershing, MI./REACH Legends 17u)

48. 6'8" 2014 center Tom Cotter (Williamston, MI./MI. Mustangs 17u) Oakland U- preferred walk on

49. 6'8" 2014 power forward Tristan Wilson (Ann Arbor Skyline, MI./FIST 17u) Wayne State University (MI.)

50. 6'1" 2014 shooting guard Drew Cushingberry (Romeo, MI./The Family 17u) Ferris St.

51. 6'8" 2014 power forward Devin Louden (Onsted, MI./NA.)

52. 6'2" 2014 wing Martell Handley (Saginaw Arthur Hill, MI./NA)

53. 6'2" 2014 wing Devonte' Bandoo (Mt. Clemens, MI./NA)

54. 6'4" 2014 wing Jason Houle (Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard, MI./MI. Mustangs 17u) Army

55. 6'2" 2014 shooting guard Tyler Johnson (Howell, MI./REACH Legends 17u) Schoolcraft CC

56. 6'5" 2014 small forward George Spencer (Belleville, MI./MI. Warriors 17u) Schoolcraft CC

57. 6'4" 2014 small forward Isaac Everett (Westland John Glenn, MI./REACH Legends 17u)

58. 6'4" 2014 small forward Jerry Smith (Saginaw, MI./Dorian's Pride 17u)

59. 6' 2014 point guard Tyron Hamby (Romulus, MI./REACH Legends 17u) Barton CC

60. 6'9" 2014 center Dietrich Cole (Detroit E. English Village, MI./Detroit Stars 17u)

61. 6'8" 2014 center/power forward Dwayne Embry (Detroit Pershing, MI./REACH Legends 17u)

62. 6'2" 2014 shooting guard Armand Cartwright (Bloomfield Hills, MI./Team Detroit 17u)

63. 6'3" 2014 shooting guard Jacob Lavis (Wyandotte, MI./NA) Notre Dame College

64. 6'4" 2014 wing Maceo Baston, jr. (Detroit Country Day, MI./NA) Florida Atlantic

65. 6' 2014 shooting guard Lindsey Hunter IV (Southfield Christian, MI./REACH Legends 17u)

66. 6'7" 2014 power forward Zac Medendorp (Grand Rapids S. Christian, MI./Grand Rapids Storm 17u)

67. 6'2" 2014 shooting guard Drew Zuidema (Grand Rapids Northpointe Christian, MI./Grand Rapids Storm 17u) Spring Arbor

68. 5'11" 2014 point guard Deonte Bell (Romulus, MI./MI. Warriors 17u)

69. 6'7" 2014 power forward/center Jason Penn (Ferndale University, MI./NA) University of Michigan-Dearborn

70. 6'9" 2014 center/power forward Jack Binegar (Parchment, MI./NA) Kalamazoo Valley CC

71. 6'8" 2014 power forward Andrew Meacham (Northville, MI./NA) Ferris State

72. 6' 2014 shooting guard Deshawn Sanders (Detroit Douglass, MI./MI. Hurricanes 17u)

73. 6'4" 2014 wing Devain Newbill (Taylor Truman, MI./NA) Northland CC (MN.)

74. 6'4" 2014 forward TJ Johnson (Mt. Pleasant, MI./HoopGrind 17u) Mid-Michigan CC

75. 6'2" 2014 shooting guard Moussa Harb (Dearborn Fordson, MI./HYPE 17u)

75. 5'9" 2014 point guard DJ Lazarus (Macomb Dakota, MI./Michigan Hurricanes 17u)

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