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Inside Prep Sports: 2012 Michigan

This list is based on players and their projection in college (Also included are the player's high school, AAU team, and recruiting colleges or committed colleges):


1. 6'9" Coreontae Deberry '12 (Holland and W. MI. Lakers 17u) Mott CC now committed to Cincinnati
2. 6'9" Khaliq Spicer '12 (Dearborn Heights Robichaud and MI. Mustangs 17u)  Kent State
3. 6'8" Raheem Johnson '12 (Romulus and The Family 17u) Barton CC to Buffalo
6'10" Lamar Walker '12 (Detroit Community and Detroit Stars 17u) Paris CC
5. 6'8" Jalen Brown '12 (Buchanan and MI. Mustangs 17u) S. Suburban CC to Georgia State

Power Forward
6'8" Matt Costello '12 (Bay City Western and ACB Hoops-McCormick 17u) Michigan State
2. 6'9" Jordan Hare '12 (Saginaw Arthur Hill) Rhode Island left program
3. 6'9" Sean Sheldon '12 (Traverse City St. Francis and ACB Hoops-McCormick 17u) William & Mary
4. 6'6" Lloyd Neely '12 (Detroit Crockett and Detroit Stars 17u) Oakland U.
5. 6'8" Marin Mornar '12 (Detroit Consortium) Loyola Marymount

Small Forwards/Wings
1. 6'5" Denzel Valentine '12 (Lansing Sexton and MI. Mustangs 17u) Michigan State
2. 6'7" Chris Jenkins '12 (University of Detroit-Jesuit and REACH Legends 17u) Committed to Colorado transfered after freshman red-shirt to Detroit-Mercy
3. 6'8" Jodan Price '12 (Detroit Country Day and The Family 17u) Committed to Depaul transfered to EMU after freshman year
4. 6'4" Taylor Perry '12 (Rochester and ACB Hoops-McCormick 17u) Western Michigan
5. 6'8" Kellen McCormick '12 (Pontiac Notre Dame and ACB Hoops-McCormick 17u) Western Michigan transferred to Georgia Tech for 5th year

Combo Guards
1. 6'3" Ray Lee, jr. '12 (Romulus and REACH 17u) EMU
2. 6'1" Cam Fowler '12 (University of Detroit-Jesuit and The Family 17u) Iowa State -walk on transfered to Niagara
2. 6'5" Chris Hass '12 (Pellston and ACB Hoops-McCormick 17u) Bucknell
4. 6'2" Andre Bond '12 (Ann Arbor Huron and MI. Warriors 17u) Columbus St CC
5. 6' Rashaun Carroll '12 (Lansing Waverly and Grand Rapids Storm-Blue 17u) Lake Superior State

Point Guards
1. 6'1" Anthony "Sapp" Clemons '12 (Lansing Sexton and MI. Mustangs 17u) Iowa

2. 5'11" Christopher Harrison-Docks '12 (Okemos and MI. Mustangs 17u) Committed to Butler transferred to WKU in freshman year to Depaul for 5th year
3. 6'1" Justin Klein '12 (Kenowa Hills and Grand Rapids Storm-Martin 17u)
4. 6' Jared Klein '12 (Otsego and ACB Hoops-McCormick 17u) Western Michigan
5. 5'10" Travon Baker '12 (Detroit Consortium and Detroit Stars 17u) NIU

Shooting Guards
1. 6'4" Sherron Dorsey-Walker '12 (Detroit Pershing and REACH Legends 17u) Iowa State
6'4" Marques Mondy '12 (Forest Hills Central and MI. Mustangs 17u) Jackson CC
3. 6'2" Bryn Forbes '12 (Lansing Sexton and The Family 17u) Cleveland St. to Michigan State after his sophomore year
4. 6'3" Malik Albert '12 (Detroit King and The Family 17u) Mott CC to Creighton
5. 6'3" Kendahl Amerson '12 (Detroit Henry Ford and Detroit Fire 17u) S. Plains CC to Creighton

Note* Former #1 Shooting Guard-Javontae Hawkins (Huntington Prep and MI. Mustangs 17u) S. Florida, Former #2 Small Forward Anton Wilson (Flora McDonald and Dorian's Pride 17u) Detroit-Mercy, and #3 power forward Matt Willms (Findlay Prep) UTEP are no longer on this list of Michigan players.

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