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The McDonald's All-American Selection

Inside Prep Sports/By TJ Kelley


Oh joy!  The McDonald's All-American Game nominees were released earlier today and as one looks through the state by state list, some might think one state has more talent than another or why is that player not on the list.  Mother Nature created snow days for people who live in apartments and cancelled games for those who would rather stay indoors.  Thanks, Mother Nature.  

The nominees are out and of course it's politics or overrated players and underrated players or connections that get players on this once in a life time list that only 24 players can make.  

I guess Mississippi got lucky when Kentucky commit Devin Booker transferred from Grandville, MI. to the Gulf Coast after his sophomore year or they wouldn't have any nominations.  Ohio is loaded with talent as is Iowa while Michigan has more nominees than Illinois.  How serious is the nomination process when only a two dozen players make the final East and West teams?  Is there a point to get as many kids from your state nominated so they can get a certificate of appreciation that may be worth more to the nominee than a double cheeseburger to someone in need of food?  

How are many of Michigan's players omitted from such a near and dear list?  Is it because the powers that be only want their players nominated or is it because there's honestly not a player from Michigan's 2014 class who is actually going to make the team?

25 years ago I would've had my but kicked for making all these long distance calls, but not today.  I caught up with McDonald's All-American Nominee and Selection member, Terri Lynn Wootten, earlier today and she expained many things to me one being the nomination process.  She explained, "A player is nominated by their high school coach, school administration, or teacher."  

She went on to say, "We (McDonald's All-American Game Committee) send out information to every state's high school athletic association." The committee does this in the late summer and early fall with the expectations that the athletic associaitons will forward the information on to the athletic directors and eventually get to high school coaches.

Well that explains a lot as the Michigan High School Athletic Association does not promote all-star games including the McDonald's games and therefore information doesn't get past step one.

Inside Prep Sports - "I know the MHSAA isn't big on all star games including the McDonald's AA game.  How proactive is the MHSAA in sending out information to athletic directors about making sure they nominate their players for the McDonald's AA game?"

This is the MHSAA's response- "I don’t believe we do anything to tell our schools about all-star games like the McDonald’s game, etc. You might want to check with someone with BCAM to see if they assist in these kinds of promotional efforts."

Oh well, the non-profit organization is standing up for what they believe in.  300 Miles, 20 games, and no TV games?  What do you believe in?  

I don't care about who gets nominated but I do care that Michigan has the last High School Athletic Association willing to join the union.  This isn't Alaska or Hawaii.  Is it all about scholastics or is it about stubborness?  How is that the basketball semi-finals take place during school hours?  The only politics that's being played is by a dictatorship.

High school coaches nominate a player and contact the McDonald's committee (click here).

State by state nominations:


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