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Ann Arbor Skyline 2018 Brandon Wade

10th annual Inside Prep Sports’ Fall Super Showcase: Underclassmen Standouts

Inside Prep Sports/By TJ Kelley


A healthy group of underclassmen brought a lot of energy and playmaking abilities at the 10th annual Inside Prep Sports' Fall Super Showcase held on Sunday, September 13th at the HYPE Recreation Center in Dearborn Heights, MI.  Here's a look a quality group of future college basketball players:

5’10” 2018 guard Jack Ammerman (Ann Arbor Skyline, MI.) Arguably the top shooter in Michigan’s 2018 class, Ammerman had the opportunity to play the point in games and showed strong ball skills in morning drills.  He does a great job of sliding a few feet left or right on the perimeter creating extra space and better passing angles for wide open jumpers.  “Hand down, man down!”  He’s a good athlete with lateral quickness but also knows how to finish through contact and when to challenge the shot-blockers.

6’ 2018 guard Carl Bow, jr. (Hazel Park, MI.)  He’s half of the state’s top sophomore guard duo and Sunday he produced by hitting jumpers, attacking and finishing at the basket, and finding teammates for buckets in the paint or for jumpers.  He needs to get stronger and is athleticism is coming along at a steady pace, but for now he has a good sill set with the ability to make perimeter and mid-range shots as well as finishing at the basket amongst the trees.

6’3” 2019 wing Cade Coleman (Davison, MI.) He has good length and is a good athlete with a solid skill set.  A bit more of a small forward than an off-guard is a solid place for him as he will more than likely grow while holding maintaining his ability to make mid-range jumpers and finishing as he showcased in drills.  The up and down pace of games usually takes incoming freshman a game or two to absorb, but never the less Coleman is still regarded as one of the top freshman small forwards in Michigan.

5’11” 2018 shooting guard Daniel Everhart (Marine City Cardinal Moody, MI.) He may play some point guard for Cardinal Moody, but at the IPS Fall Super Showcase his ability to spot up and knock down corner threes was what caught the eye of coaches and fans in attendance.  He showed good ball-handling abilities in drills and is a good athlete who maintains a 4.0 GPA.  Perhaps a trip to Marine City this winter will be in order to see more of his abilities.

6’4” 2018 power forward Jacob Fergan (Lutheran Westland, MI.) The little known sophomore made an impression on Sunday matching up with senior power forward Thomas Smulsky in games where he had solid finishes with either hand.  He made the pick and roll look easy and did a great job of sealing help defense allowing teammates open paths to the basket.  He also showed nice touch around the basket with right-handed hook shots.

6’ 2018 guard Justin Henry (Bloomfield Hills, MI.) He was very aggressive going to the basket in games and showed the ability to make mid-range and perimeter shots.  Learning that he can keep defenders off-balance by changing speeds will more than likely come in time as coaches said, “He was attentive and didn’t repeat mistakes.”  Sometimes it’s not the right play to get stuck amongst the trees when a solid kick to a teammate in the corner has his feet set and is ready to add an extra point.  He does have quickness and handled the ball well but sometimes hitting the circle button instead of the square has it’s benefits.

5’7” 2019 point guard Isaiah Lewis (Wayne Memorial, MI.) Milk, vegetables, stretching exercises, potatoes, and push-ups will be his friends over the next few years for one of the state’s top incoming freshman point guards.  He’s got a strong handle and did a great job of reading developing plays on either end of the basket.  Fighting through screens isn’t his forte’ as of now and in realizing that there was nothing wrong with his choice to deny the ball and pester his defensive assignment.  He has good form on his shot which will only improve his consistency as he gets stronger. 

6’6” 2018 power forward Tristen Mysen (Oxford, MI.) He’s starting to develop into more of a power forward rather than just a low-block and 8-foot an in scorer as he was a year ago.  He moves well and has the length to defend away from the basket, but needs to get stronger to hold position on the stronger, more physical rebounders.  He showed that he can hit the mid-range jumper with some consistency in drills but, may need another year of work before that’s a go to option. 

6’1 2019 guard Jiovanni Miles (Novi, MI.) Coaches were really impressed with his energy, defense, and ability to score the basket.  While he may be another year from really getting on the map because of Novi’s upperclassmen depth in the backcourt, he jumped all over IPS’ map on September 13th.  He needs to work on staying under control but has the length and athleticism that draws the attention of those who provide the ability to play on the next level.  Again, patience as he’s only a freshman but as he gets stronger, develops his off-hand, and builds a more consistent mid-range and perimeter game he will help Novi in the future.

6’6” 2018 center Shayne Scruggs (Lansing Sexton, MI.) He’s got great strength for his age and while he needs to polish his footwork in the paint, he is a physical two-handed rebounder who runs the floor well.  He’s a good not great athlete with strong hands who will anchor the paint for Sexton and face strong tests in league competition this winter with Holt’s Jaron Faulds and Lansing Everett’s Diego Robinson getting two shots apiece.  He finished well on either side of the basket and looked to post up in games after getting post drill work in Sunday’s early session.   Getting those two go to move on either block will be great for Sexton and Scruggs.

6’ 2018 point guard Brandon “BK” Wade (Ann Arbor Skyline, MI.) In what is emerging as a deep class of 2018 guards, Wade is in the mix of the top three and shouldn’t be a surprise if he is the state’s top point guard in time.  That being said, Wade had a strong IPS’ Fall Super Showcase where his ability to make plays for others and himself when the ball wasn’t in his hands by making quick and strong cuts.  He shot the ball well throughout drills and in games from the perimeter while also showing his ability to finish on either side of the basket after getting to the basket in either direction.  He holds offers from Eastern Michigan, Northern Illinois, and Toledo with visitors on the Big Ten level stopping into Skyline this fall.

6’6” 2018 center Tariq Woody (Plymouth, MI.) A true post player nice hands, a great frame, good athleticism, and a size 19-shoe is the recipe for classic late bloomer and time is on his side.  Woody did a good job of finishing with either hand and has a solid drop step where finishes are lay-ups now but the rims will be rattling in a year’s time.  He runs the floor well and was solid on either block in drills.  Time is his friend and in the changing landscape of basketball in Michigan, Plymouth High School will be a destination spot by his junior year.

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